• Expense Report submissions are due (4) days after your Last Onsite Day, as listed on your Deal Memo. We cannot guarantee reimbursements submitted after this deadline.
  • Please ensure your expenses have been pre-approved by One Foot Productions, as listed on your Deal Memo.
  • To request pre-approval of additional expenses, please discuss with your staffing manager and CC payroll@onefootprod.com.

Submit an Expense Report


  • Open your Expensify mobile app.
  • Open the Expenses tab on the bottom left and select the + in the upper right.
  • Select the Type:
    • SmartScan: Upload or take a photo of your receipt and Expensify will autofill the rest.
    • Expense: Manually enter a receipt/expense. Please note that a receipt photo is still required for reimbursement.
    • Distance: Track your car travel & submit for mileage reimbursement.
    • Time: For submitting an invoice (see our Invoice submission instructions).
  • Category: Expensify requires that you select a category.
    • If you're not sure, select the first option and once you submit, we will adjust if necessary.
  • Comment: Format using your initials and the expense description.
    • Examples: "JS: Rental Car" or "KM: OFP Card / Staff Meal"
  • Customers: Select client for re-billing.
    • Leave blank if not applicable or you do not know.
  • Billable should be enabled if the invoice is re-billable to a client.
  • Reimbursable should be enabled unless a OFP card/account was used for the transaction.
  • Select the corresponding Report:
    • To create a new Report, select the + in the upper right and refer to section B for instructions
  • Select Save.


Note: Please create separate reports for personal expenses versus transactions using a OFP card/account.

  • Open the Reports tab on the bottom, and select the + in the upper right.
  • Report Name: Please follow the format, "[YOUR NAME] - Expenses: [SHOW YEAR]" ex. "JOHN SMITH - Expenses: NBA ASW 2017".
  • Type: Expense Report
  • Policy: OFP Employee Expenses
  • Select Create in the upper right and repeat section A as applicable.


  • Open the Reports tab on the bottom.
  • Select the applicable Report.
  • Make sure all of the applicable expenses are linked to your report. Select Add Expense (paperclip icon), to re-connect any previously entered expenses.
  • Select Next
  • Enable Attach PDF to receive a PDF by email for your records.
  • Select Submit