Position filled - Submit General OFP Job Inquiry

One Foot Productions is looking for all-around Admin/Creative/Talent Assistant starting immediately.

This position’s core responsibility will be to assist with internal administrative and production responsibilities as they relate to One Foot Production’s current and upcoming shows, development projects and new pitches.  

We are looking for someone with a wide range of skills and interests, who doesn’t mind jumping in and learning new things in the fast paced and often unpredictable world of live entertainment production. This is a great position for someone looking to gain knowledge and experience in different aspects of our business.

Our ideal candidate should:

  • Have an open mind and positive attitude.

  • Enjoy collaborative work but also be effective working independently.

  • Be flexible and able to go with the flow of the ever changing schedules of production.

  • Be comfortable with basic computer skills such as typing, email, text and programs such as the google doc suite.

  • Enjoy researching topics and digging beyond the obvious.

  • Be a clear and concise writer who enjoys both creative and administrative writing tasks (such as web copy, offer/pitch letters, log lines and synopses.)

  • Be willing to bring ideas to the table.

  • Be dependable, professional, responsive and solutions-oriented.

Below are some additional skills that, while not required, are a plus:

  • A good eye for document layout and design.

  • Experience with travel booking and management.

  • VIP hospitality and customer service experience.

  • Understanding of basic budgeting and accounting.

  • Experience with software we regularly use such as Slack, Asana, MailChimp, Keynote and Photoshop-style graphic editors.

  • Behind-the-scenes experience in some form of entertainment (theater, film, music, etc.).

  • A interest in live entertainment, music and/or theatre.

Job responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling meetings & organizing calendars.

  • Researching music, television and other entertainment related subjects.

  • Interfacing with clients.

  • Tracking project progress and deliverables.

  • Preparing pitch docs & creating Keynote presentations.

  • Gathering images, logos, stats and content to use in various projects.

  • Writing offer letters.

  • Updating websites.

  • Writing announcements and marketing emails/posts.

  • Working with coordinators to assist in talent management related tasks.

  • Note taking at meetings or on calls.

  • Coordinating food orders.

  • Booking travel.

This is an entry level job with a weekly salary of $915 per week.  This is a full time position on a short-term (3-6 mo) contract with the possibility of extension. There is also opportunity for growth. We are a small company and not able to offer benefits at this time.

We work out of offices in midtown, Brooklyn & Secaucus, NJ, and work at each of these locations may be required pending schedules. There may be the opportunity to work at home on certain days. Production schedules are not always Monday through Friday so work may be required on some weekends. All locations are accessible by public transit so a car is not required.  Some travel may be required while we are onsite for events and if so, travel accommodations and expenses will be covered for travel outside the NY metro area.

One Foot Productions is a multifaceted company with experience in creative development, talent booking and logistics management on large scale, celebrity driven entertainment events. We produce a boutique music festival in the mountains of California and are actively pitching and pursuing opportunities related to original music series, theater and experiential content. We also have a custom logistics software platform that we continue to develop and plan for a wider release in 2019.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit your information and recent resume at the below link.  We expect to hold interviews for a select number of candidates in Jan 2019 and the position will start as soon after that as possible.