Follow the steps below to complete your “paperwork” if you don’t already have an account in the OFP staffing system:

  1. Create an account at (If you already have an account just log in. If not, choose "Sign Up".)
  2. Once you are logged-in connect your name and update your contact information.
  3. Follow instructions to your Dashboard. Look for action items and click "Respond to Deal" for this show.
  4. Review your deal information and click the button “Respond to Deal”.
  5. Follow the steps provided to complete the Comportment and Kit Fee forms, confirm contact information, and submit your start form.
  6. Lastly, complete a new W4, or select from a previously completed form (if available).

What about the I9?

Your I9 will be emailed to you separately from Follow the instruction provided in the email to complete your I9 form. You MUST bring copies or originals of your appropriate ID to be checked on site.