Getting Started with Expensify

One Foot Productions’ employees use Expensify to process & track travel expenses, get reimbursed, and submit invoices for billable hours.

  1. Request an invitation from One Foot’s Expensify Account using the form to the right.
  2. Download the mobile app & check it out: Getting Started on Expensify.
  3. Read our Expensify Instructions below for eligibility & submission guidelines.
  4. Add a Direct Deposit Account to receive reimbursements and payments.

Email Questions to:

**Please note that Expensify is an independent service not affiliated with One Foot Productions. Expensify may update/revise their terms of use at anytime. If having trouble using their service, we recommend consulting Expensify‘s support site or contacting them directly for assistance.

Expensify Instructions

Submit Receipts for Reimbursement:

Submit an Invoice to One Foot Productions: