At One Foot Productions, it isn’t just the caliber of our work that sets us apart—it’s the caliber of the people we work with. Over the years, we've cultivated a deep bench of the most talented artists and freelancers around. Our team includes designers, musicians, writers, comedians... even a rogue birthday magician (‘sup Kevin). By encouraging our staff to make time for what matters most—be it developing a solo project, raising a family, or exploring the world—we’ve cultivated a dedicated team of collaborators who bring creativity and focus to every job we take on. And the best part? We really like working together. Let us introduce ourselves...

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kevin merritt.png

kevin merritt

Executive Producer

One Foot co-founder Kevin Merritt’s background is nothing if not eclectic. His creative wanderlust has led him through all kinds of professional and artistic endeavors—from studying music and directing cartoons to writing musicals and producing participatory art projects for Burning Man. With One Foot, Kevin has been working to create his dream company; a place where awesome artists generate great stories that provide service and make people happy... all while having as much fun as possible. Sure, he's heard that old chestnut, "Jack of all trades, master of none". But to his thinking, OFP is proof that you can master as many trades as your heart desires… if you have the right team.


amanda back

Executive Producer

With a keen eye for talent and a proven ability to curate an awesome lineup for just about any production, One Foot co-founder Amanda Back is one of the strongest leaders in the biz today. In addition to her role as Executive Producer at OFP, Amanda also serves as the sole female creative and talent producer for the NBA’s entertainment division. No matter how ambitious the concept, Amanda knows how to put an idea into motion and get a production up on its feet. She believes that at the end of the day, a production should be entertaining not only for the audience, but for everyone behind the scenes as well—and that’s exactly the ethic OFP is committed to.

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zoe boxer

Director of People Operations

Zoe Boxer is a multi-hyphenate powerhouse. As a freelance director, producer, and designer, with a passion for storytelling, she prides herself on her intuition, patience, and creativity. With a diverse background in theatre, film, and animation (having worked at Pixar for several years), Zoe believes in getting the job done well, and doing it all with a smile and a sense of humor.

tobias daniels.png

Tobias Daniels


To say that this guy’s artistic experience is wide-ranging would be a bit of an understatement. As a Los Angeles based filmmaker, Tobias has been the creative force behind everything from salsa dance videos for kids to feature length documentaries. True story—he also posed for acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle’s poster print of a young Muhammad Ali  in G.O.A.T.

keith fernandez.jpg

Keith Fernandez


Keith’s mission in life is simple: to take over the world of experiential marketing. A graduate of Morehouse College, Keith has coordinated live programming and special events for the NBA, Viacom, Time Inc., and IFPRI, to name just a few. When he’s not booking talent for One Foot, Keith can be found running marathons and playing the saxophone, just not at the same time… yet.


Meredith Morgan


Meredith is an interior decorator, musician, and One Foot’s dressing room connoisseur. Her interior decorating promotes the use of salvaged materials and building an eco-responsible lifestyle. As a musician, Meredith can usually be found holding down some indie pop vocals and piano… but her secret talent? She can also sing a mean operatic tenor. Twitter: @mennanation

kerry jackson

Talent Escort Manager

Having worked as a stage manager, director, and producer of live sporting events, it makes perfect sense that Kerry Jackson would be a pro at wrangling teams of talent escorts for OFP. With Olympic Games, Super Bowls, MLB and NBA playoffs under her belt (not to mention her stint as an NBC page), Kerry loves the thrill of live production—the more moving parts the better! 

rainbow dickerson.jpg

Rainbow Dickerson

Hospitality Supervisor

As an actor herself, Rainbow truly understands the connection between peace of mind and creativity. At OFP, her mindful designs help talent feel supported, valued, and ready to give their best performances. Her wide-ranging passions include meditation, motorcycles, and tiny utensils. Rainbow believes in balance, understanding, love… and that everything can be a vehicle for cheese.

phil nac.jpg

Phil Naccarato

Transportation Manager

When he’s not busy overseeing talent logistics for One Foot, Phil is a guitarist, New York Rangers super-fan, and freestyle frisbee player. While his main musical squeeze is The Eric Stuart Band (in which he sometimes plays with OFP’s own Kevin Merritt), Phil has also performed with Ronnie Spector, opened for Peter Frampton, and played at Woodstock in 1999. 



Justin is a ride-or-die comedy nerd, and he doesn’t care who knows it. His work, which runs the gamut of standup, sketch, and storytelling, has been featured on Funny Or Die, the Huffington Post, and HLN. A former choreographer, Justin lends his coordination skills to One Foot in between his comedy gigs in NYC.


DINA Castoria

Talent Escort Manager

Holding things down on the West Coast is Dina, who oversees OFP’s roster of talent escorts and manages talent flow. With 15 years of experience under her belt, Dina has worked on major events like the Oscars, the Grammys, the Super Bowl, and even the Kentucky Derby. When she’s not working, Dina enjoys traveling to foreign countries and immersing herself in other cultures. 



Talent Coordinator

As a former track athlete with a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, Tyler truly understands that teamwork and creative problem solving are powerful tools in just about any situation. When he’s not working with One Foot Productions or stage managing live TV productions and events in New York, Tyler is enjoying the great outdoors and traveling as much as possible. 

landon morgan.jpg

landon morgan


A mainstay of the OFP team, Landon has spent the past several years producing all manner of Web video content. In 2014, his video collaboration with Kevin Spacey nabbed a Telly Award and a Webby Nomination. His work has taken him everywhere from Friendster, where he was a featured blogger, to the cast of the Justin Bieber music video “One Less Lonely Girl”. How's that for range?


Jeff Gershon

Talent Escort Manager

Jeff is OFP's resident logistics wizard, overseeing up to 100 talent escorts per every event. In the 20 years Jeff has been in talent logistics, he’s worked on such iconic events as the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and President Obama’s Inauguration Galas. Having worked the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tonys, he's even got a logistical EGOT under his belt!

mikaella ashley.jpg

Mikaella Ashley


As an actress, singer, and songwriter, Mikaella has mastered the art of having all the irons in all the fires. She brings that skill to One Foot, where she’s a fixer of the highest order, handling everything you didn’t even know you needed handled. Her single “Give It A Try” is now on Spotify, and she’s got plenty more music original coming down the pike. Follow her on Instagram: @mikaellaashley

Christina Chow


As a talent coordinator at OFP, Christina enjoys the challenge of working with a wide variety of personalities. When she's not working, Christina can be found hiking, traveling the world, going to concerts, and learning more about the business of music. She believes that overcoming obstacles helps one grow as a person... and that fortune cookies are an excellent resource for life updates.  



Hospitality Manager

A strategy maven who thinks Excel is more fun than the average person, Mike loves taking stuff apart and creating something new and improved—whether it's a beer recipe or a business plan. When he’s not creating environments for the some of the most celebrated artists in the world, Mike can be found playing hockey, building furniture, and gaming out motorsports strategies with his friends.