Bear Music Fest 2017

Summer Camp + House Party + Music Festival

Now in its second year, Bear Music Fest is a music festival, summer camp, and house party all rolled into one, co-produced by One Foot Productions in beautiful Pinecrest, CA. Taking place over the course of a long weekend at Lair of the Bear summer camp, Bear Music Fest is an intimate and immersive experience set against the stunning natural beauty of Northern California.

We're not about VIPs and huge, anonymous crowds at Bear Music Fest. Instead, we aim to curate a festival experience that is singular and transformative, featuring acts you won't find at other big-name festivals and a laid-back, inclusive vibe. We invite guests and artists to spend time together, commune with nature, and unplug for a while. With a diverse slate of artists and activities for people of all ages, BMF is an all-inclusive festival that everyone can enjoy. 

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